When to Pay
When you receive the acceptance letter, you will be asked to make the tuition payment.
If you have applied for scholarship, you will be informed of the status of your scholarship application along with the acceptance letter, at which point you will be asked to make the full or partial payment depending on the decision of the Financial Aid Committee.

Method of Payment
You may pay the tuition on-line by credit card or PayPal system. If neither method of payment is accessible to you, please contact Student Financial Services at for other possible methods of payment.

A student getting an “A” grade for a course will receive back his/her full paid tuition fee as a credit for a future course at AVC within the same academic year.

[Tuition fees and payment]


Scholarships are available to students based upon (a) personal income level, if the student is financially independent; and (b) income level of parents, if the student is dependent on his/her parents’ financial care:

Under $10,000 USD 75%
$10,000 - $30,000 USD 50%
$30,000 – $40,000 USD 25%
A full tuition waiver will be offered in exceptional cases.

To be considered for scholarship, the Scholarship Application must be submitted along with the enrollment application. Proof of personal or parents’ income is required. Please submit a copy of your or your parents’ most recent tax return form, if applicable. Applicants from countries where a tax return is not filed must submit a wage statement from their or their parents’ employer which states their annual earnings.

[Scholarship Application 1]: to be completed by a financially independent applicant

[Scholarship Application 2]: to be completed if applicant is under financial support of parents

The Scholarship Application is to help AVC’s Student Financial Services determine the need and level of financial support of the prospective student. Please email the completed application and the scanned proofs of income to Please note that you may be asked to submit the originals by mail.

AVC retains the right to review and verify the accuracy of information provided by the applicants by contacting the employer of the applicant or parents. AVC reserves the right to refuse scholarship to any applicant considered unqualified.

Providing false information and/or documents may result in loss of financial support and rejection of enrollment application.

Gift Certificate


Give the wonderful gift of education to a friend or loved one – the opportunity to study Armenian language, history and culture online - with an AVC GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Each Gift Certificate covers full tuition fee for a single AVC course and costs only $139 USD.
The recipient of this Gift Certificate has the liberty to choose any course offered as part of the four learning terms (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) during the year 2020.
AVC's online courses provide Armenian education anytime, anywhere, and even offer additional value as you create friendships with classmates across the globe.