Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Program blends traditional and online education and targets schools that wish to introduce innovative and attractive learning methods into their curricula, as well as supplement the program with additional resources. Community leaders wishing to organize Armenian Studies classes for their community members are also welcome to apply. An entire classroom can sign up for any of the courses offered by AVC. Following a consensus between AVC and school administration, the local teacher and AVC online instructor collaborate throughout the course to help students achieve maximum results through this attractive method of learning.

This method was first introduced at the Ohannesian Armenian School in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in 2009. Since then, the method has been successfully used in Armenian communities and schools stretching from Latin America to Georgia and from Canada to Russia, reaching an impressive number of 18 participant schools and communities.

Who Can Apply

School administration and community leaders may apply for additional information and/or participation by writing to hybrideducation@avc-agbu.org.

Pilot Schools

AGBU Marie Manoogian School, Buenos Aires, Argentin AVC Lab, Hayartun, Tbilisi, Georgia AGBU Lazar Najarian - Calouste Gulbenkian Central High School, Aleppo, Syria AGBU Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Jose Bonifacio Externat. Hay Askayin Turian Varjaran, Sao Paolo, Brazil Colegio Nubarian-Liceo Alex Manoogian, Montevideo, Uruguay AVC Lab, Nakhichevan-on-Don, the Armenian Community, Russia, Rostov AGBU Manoogian Demirdjian High Schooll, Canoga Park, USA
Ayb High School Ohanesian Armenian School, Sharjah, UAE AGBU Alex and Marie Manoogian School, Detroit, USA AGBU Sofia Hayler Sunday School, Sofia, Bulgaria
Hamazkaine Archak & Sofi Galstaun College, Sydney, Australia St. James Armenian Church Sunday School, LA, USA AGBU Cairo, Egypt St. Sarkis School, Dallas, USA
Arkayutyun Armenian School, North Carolina, USA ‘Hayortats Or’, AGBU Montreal, Canada Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Yerevan, Armenia  Looyce Armenian Saturday School, Sydney, Australia
St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church, New York, USA Armenian Evangelical College, Beirut, Lebanon AGBU Paris Saturday school, France AGBU Alex Manoogian Armenian Saturday school, Sydney, Australia

Teacher Certification

School or community representatives may apply to become AVC Certified Teachers. The aim of the program is to train teachers in the pedagogical and technical aspects of e-learning education, assuming they already have prior knowledge in the subject matter that they intend to later teach. The training includes enrollWment in at least one(1) AVC course as a student and reading of material in e-learning theory as assigned by the Hybrid Program Coordinator. A certificate is issued to those participants who complete the training program with successful performance.