The Armenian Virtual College offers Armenian education curriculum covering three major subject domains. You may find out about course descriptions, credits, availability and prerequisites by selecting from the options below:

Courses are offered in seven (7) languages of instruction:

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Armenian Language

The Department of Armenian Language offers students the opportunity to learn Eastern Armenian or Western Armenian as a second language. The courses offered aim at strengthening developing proficiency, and versatility in students’ speech and writing and at further immersing students into the world of Armenian language. The course difficulty ranges from basic beginner to advanced levels.

Armenian Language Course Levels:

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Armenian History

The Armenian History Department provides students with the opportunity to explore the historical past and present of the Armenian people. The courses offer a comprehensive account of the history of the Armenian people from its ancient origins to its current state, both in the homeland and the Diaspora.

Armenian History Course Levels:

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Armenian Culture

The courses at the Culture Department offer students an introduction into aspects of Armenian culture and the rich cultural heritage of Armenians in the historical homeland, as well as outside it.


The AVC online chess classes are developed in collaboration with the Armenian Chess Academy. The course materials are based on the textbooks developed by the RA Ministry of Education and Science. AVC’s online experience in modern multimedia techniques is utilized to make the classes visually attractive to grab learner’s attention and to turn the fun of the game into an independent decision making ability.
The program aims at developing specific characteristics and learning capabilities of a learner, including concentration, creativity and strategic thinking. The program has three levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Chess Courses

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